The Birchmere

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*NOTE: This rider and its contents are part of any accepted offer… Read Carefully!*

*This rider updated 06/13/17

The Birchmere Flex Stage Rider

Capacity: 1000 (Flex Stage – All Standing)

Production Contact: Bud Gardner

ph (703)888-7613


Flex Stage Size: 30′ Wide, 20′ Deep, 2’6” High

Front of House

Console: Soundcraft Vi2000 / 16 input faders, 24 mono/stereo busses, 4 Lexicon FX Engines, 96 mono Pairable to 48 stereo Inputs to mix

House EQ: Klark Teknik DN360 Dual Channel 1/3 Octave Graphic EQ.

Outboard Effects Processor: 1 TC M1, 1 TC D2, 2 Yamaha SPX2000

House Playback: Tascam CC222SLMKII CD and Cassette Player/Burner

House Processing: BSS Omnidrive; (Note: This unit is not accessible by engineer.)

Speakers: FOH: Stereo w/ 6 JBL Concert Series, 1- 12”(low)1- 2”(high) Boxes per side, 2 JBL 2×18 Subs per side. 1-EV 4×15” Sub Per side

House Power Crown Macro –Tech 24×6 (Mids/Highs) Labgruppen (Subs)

*Artists may not provide front-of-house (FOH) console, FOH loudspeakers, FOH amplifiers, FOH equalizers. Artists may at own expense and labor provide monitor system, although we feel it’s not necessary. Any special needs that the Artists may have (for example an off stage “guitar tech.”) must be discussed with the Birchmere production manager in advance of the date.

*Note: House Processor is locked and not accessible to Engineer. In addition no devices may be inserted on or connected in line on the main left & right outputs of the FOH console.


Console: Soundcraft Vi2000 / 16 input faders, 24 mono/stereo busses, 4 Lexicon FX Engines, 96 mono Pairable to 48 stereo Inputs to mix

Processing: DBX Drive Rack260

Spkrs: 20 JBL SRX 712 W/1- 12” (low)& 1- 1.5” Compression Driver (high)

Power: 8 Ch of QSC MX2000 (Lows); 8 Ch.of QSC 2600 (Highs).

Drum Monitor: 1 EV Ax18 1×18 Self Powered Sub; 1 EV -SX 515 Self Powered Spkr. W/ 1-15”(Low) & 1-1” Compression Driver(High)

Side Fills: 1 EV Ax18 1×18 Self Powered Sub, and 1 Turbosound M15 self powered Spkr W/1-15” (Low) & 1-1” Compression Driver(High) Per side

*A/V Recording of shows – A significant location fee may apply. MUST advance as soon as possible. See bottom of Rider for specific details about recording & fees.

Band Equipment(Backline): In general, band equipment will be provided by Artists. The Birchmere has guitar amps, bass amps and piano, which Artists may use. The Birchmere can rent most types of band equipment at the Artists expense. A list of equipment needed should be provided to the Birchmere production manager two weeks before the date of performance.

Guitar Amps: 2 Fender Vibroverbs/1 Fender Vibro King/1 Vox AC-30/1 Fender Bassman/2 Fender Acoustasonic, Jr’s./2 Fender 1965 Fender Twin Reverb Reissues /1 Fender Deluxe

Bass Amps: 1 Ampeg SVT Pro Series III w/ 1 4×10” EV Bass Cabinet; 1 Ampeg SVT Series IV w/ 1 4×10” Tweet & 1-1×15” Tweet Cabinets; ; 1 Ampeg B15, 1 Ampeg 8×10”.

Drums: Pearl Master Series Fusion Kit, 8, 10, 12 & 14″ mounted toms, & 14” & 16” floor tom 22″ kick drum, 14″ brass snare, 14” wood snare, 13” wood snare, 3 snare stands, 7 cymbal stands, 1 high hat stand, 2 Pearl kick drum pedal, 1 DW5000 Double Kick Pedal, Zyldjan A Series cymbals: (20” Ping Ride, 18” Crash, 18” China, 10” Splash, 14” Hi-Hats), Zyldjan ZBT cymbals: (20” Ride, 18” Crash, 16” Crash, 14” HiHats), 1 Zyldian Z3 17” Crash

LP Americana Series Stage Cajon


14 – Shure SM58

10 – Shure SM57

5 – Shure Beta58

2 – Beta57

4 – Shure Beta87

2 – Shure SM87

2 – AKG 535

4 – Sennheiser E609

1 – Shure Beta52

2 – Shure Beta56

2 – Shure Beta91A

9 – Sennheiser E604

1 – Shure KSM 137

2 – Shure SM81

1 – AKG 451

2 – AKG 460

3 – AKG 430

1 – Neuman KM84

1 – Calrec CM1050C

2 – Sennheiser 421

5 – EV N/D408A

3 – AKG C1000

4 – Audio Technica NB4K

D.I.’s: 5 x BSS AR-133 Active, 6 x Countryman Active, 2 x Boss Active, 6 x Radial ProD2 Stereo Passive, 2 x Whirlwind Imp2 Passive, 4 x Whirlwind Director Passive, 4 x BSS AR116 Active, 1 Radial ProD8 Rack Mounted 8 Channel Passive DI

Assorted Mic stands, Boom and Straight, Tripod and Round Base

7– Guitar Stands

1– Alto/Tenor Sax Stand w/ Flute Stand

9 – Music Stands and Lights

10 – Padded Bar Stools

5 – Assorted Wooden Bar Stools

Wenger Decks for risers:

2 – 4’x8’ sections

2 – 3’x8’ sections

12 sets of legs (6 per section) at 8” and at 16” heights

Skirting to go around both heights

Flex Stage Lighting: ETC Express 24/48 Console, 16 Par64 Lamps, 500 watt Medium Lamps, 8 Upstage, 8 Downstage. 6 Source 4 Lekos, 26degrees, 540 watt, 2 upstage, 4 downstage. 28 Par56 Lamps, 500 Watt Medium Lamps, 6 per side and 16 upstage, 10 Elation ELED TriPAR56 fixtures, 8 upstage 2 loose on floor.

Soundcheck: Please advance for soundcheck time. Bud Gardner (703) 888-7613.

Staff: A FOH engineer, Monitor engineer, LD and stage person will be on premises from soundcheck until load-out. Any necessary additional personnel needed for loadins must be arranged with production manager in advance.

Catering: Artists and crew may order from menu when the kitchen opens (5:30 pm). If afternoon meal is required and advanced, must be before 2pm, it will consist of burger/chicken sandwich and soft drinks. No additional catering or bus stocking will be provided. A copy of menu is available upon request.

Dressing Rooms: The Birchmere has a large lounge area and two private dressing areas with showers, makeup mirrors and lighting. Washer/dryer for band use. There is a production office area with phone, as well as wireless internet.

Merchandise: ALL Merchandise (CD’s, tapes, T-shirts, etc..) will be sold in the Birchmere store by the Birchmere staff. The Artist receives 80% of all recorded material (cd’s, dvd’s, etc) and 75% on all other Merch; The Birchmere receives 20% on recorded material & 25% on all other Merch. This is not negotiable. No ‘Souvenir Photo Booths’ allowed in venue.

Tickets: A max. of 10 (ten) complimentary tickets per show will be provided to headlining Artist. Support receives 4 (four) comp tickets. The Birchmere uses Ticketmaster for all ticketing. Any artist VIP or fanclub sales must be mutually agreed upon in advance of going on sale. All tickets sales subject to service fees. There is a $5.50 tax/facility fee on every ticket sold at The Birchmere Box Office.

Parking: The Birchmere has ample parking for all types of vehicles; can provide 220v landline power for one vehicle at a time.

Transportation: Artist to supply/pay for all travel & ground transportation. Due to liability issues, The Birchmere does not provide ‘runners’ or local transportation.

Ages: All Ages, All the Time!

*Birchmere Recording Agreement*

The fee for archival tapings and/or recordings is One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00). The fee for filming and/or recording for broadcast purposes is Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2500.00). In the event of such tapings, recordings or filming, the broadcast credit must state that the production was filmed, or recorded at “The Birchmere”.

The Birchmere must approve any filming, video or audio taping of the performance(s), in advance of the performance(s). Taping equipment must be set up prior to performance time at a time and in a location approved by The Birchmere technical staff.











Photos by Joshua Cogan,